INOKIM becomes the first company to introduce an electric scooter for children ages 5 - 8 years featuring Disney, Pixar

Inokim Kids MARVEL (C) Spiderman (C) tri-wheel e-scooter, coming soon in more exciting Disney (C) characters, designed specifically for kids ages 4-7, full of safety features such as a stable tri-wheel design and rear wheel brake with motor cut-off and APP.

“We are excited to collaborate with Disney for our INOKIM Kids range of tri-wheel e-scooters, specifically designed for children. The collaboration is a perfect blend of INOKIM’s innovation and Disney’s ability to bring products to life through exceptional storytelling. Disney is known for their popular characters and storylines which are loved by kids the world over. We are excited that INOKIM will be part of these characters and storylines range, “said Kfir Ben shooshan, Founder & CEO, INOKIM.

“INOKIM Kids is a perfect combination of a toy and technology, designed with kids in mind, and safety features at its core,” Kfir further said on collaborating with Disney. “We are certain that kids will enjoy the experience of riding the tri wheel e-scooter as much as we have enjoyed designing it.”

INOKIM e-Scooters

INOKIM is committed to integrating creativity with innovative, industry-leading features and currently offers world-class features in its range, such as a removable battery for easy travel, LED lights in the wheels, and speakers.

To ensure maximum safety, all INOKIM-Kids models come with rear brake sensors, which, when pressed, stops the engine. “Safety is of utmost importance in our products, and we feel INOKIM-Kids e-scooter is an opportunity to educate kids to ride safely and be considerate of other riders and pedestrians. One of the key objectives has been to encourage activity amongst children and allow them to move independently while also taking the opportunity to teach them about road safety. ” Kfir talked about INOKIM-Kids e-scooters helping kids ride independently and safely.

The INOKIM-Kids range comes in many colors, can hold up to 40kg weight and is supported by a robust global post-sales network.

Given the exponential growth we have witnessed and the projected growth in the e-scooter market over the next few years, we foresee huge potential for INOKIM, having the first-mover advantage in this segment further provides us the edge in the market, “Kfir ben shooshan further added.


If you are interested in becoming an Inokim distributor or partner, please contact Leetal Tzhadock Ziv, SVP, at leetal for more information.