The Queens Speech And The Electric Scooter Law

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The Queen’s Speech And The Electrice Scooter Law

You may have seen rental scooters lined up in approved trial areas, or traversing the streets of certain cities, powered by electric motors. However, we hope to see these sustainable vehicles in every UK town, thanks to a speech given by Prince Charles on behalf of the Queen, announcing a new transport bill that we can effectively think of as the electric scooter law.

Announcing The Electric Scooter Law Change

The Queen’s speech announced that the government would form a whole new class of transport, encompassing all low-speed, zero-emission vehicles - a completely separate category to all bicycles and motor machines. After in-depth consideration, the government will decide which vehicles will make the cut and, in the words of Baroness Vere, Under-Secretary of State in the Department for Transport, “we hope that e-scooters will be the first”!

As the government works on regulations to properly manage this electric scooter law change, you can practice your skill on private land or in an approved trial area.

What Will This Look Like In Practice?

Concerns over safety have been at the heart of discussions about electric scooter laws. The last thing any government wants to do as it makes a decisive move towards more sustainable transport is make the roads more dangerous. As a result, this parliamentary session will produce rigorous safety regulations, to minimise risks for pedestrians, riders and vehicles. For instance, you can anticipate e-scooters being banned from pavements and limited to a speed restriction so they would travel at a speed closer to that of bicycles.

Expect to see a regulated wheel size, brakes and suspension as a result of this electric scooter law. Lights and indicators could be enforced, with an acoustic warning system likely to be compulsory to prevent collisions. In addition to this, helmets are thought to be encouraged, although not mandatory.

The details of this electric scooter law may feel limiting to the more free-spirited enthusiasts, but in reality, e-scooter regulations will probably be very similar to rules concerning rental scooters. If you still wish to fly across difficult terrain on private property, then go for it, providing you have the landowner’s permission. At Inokim, however, we are dedicated to our vision for greener city transport.

Why The Transport Bill Is Worth Celebrating

It’s not difficult to see why these lightweight solutions are so desirable - they are an affordable mode of transport, especially in comparison to a car. Foldable models, such as the ones we manufacture at Inokim, can easily be carried if you fancy a walk instead. What’s even better is that they cut journey times, which means that as a rider, you can avoid morning traffic jams. In addition to this, the government can see the potential for a thriving, prosperous new industry, which puts them at the forefront of decarbonised, localised travel.

As for us, we’re delighted to see the UK take one step closer towards embracing our vision. We truly believe that our polluting habits can be replaced by sustainable forms of transport, which will protect our planet for future generations.

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