What To Look For When Purchasing An Electric Scooter

Have you heard about the government’s new Bill, pushing for the legalisation of electric scooters? This announcement has caused its fair share of ripples, with many people turning towards the electric scooter as a swift new form of environmentally-friendly transport.

Make the right decision when browsing electric scooters by asking the right questions. A poor choice could detract from your enjoyment of the ride, imperil your safety and generally prove a burden instead of a delight.

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Electric Scooter

Every manufacturer will assure you that their product is completely safe and reliable, but there are a few key elements to consider. Suspension is designed to dampen the impact of the road, stopping you from being jolted off and giving you a smooth ride over suitable terrain. Don’t rely on tyres to create a safe and pleasurable experience, as they won’t be able to prevent you from losing balance or having a jerky, uncomfortable ride.

Inokim tailors its suspension to the needs of individual models. For example, the Inokim OX and OXO are made for both urban and off-road environments, with an out-of-this-world adjustable suspension to give stability in all circumstances. Similarly, our brakes vary from model to model, with drum brakes, disc brakes and an amazing hydraulic braking system on our OXO electric scooter.

Exploring Range And Design

Now you can get onto the fun, but also practical, bits, like how far do you want to go?

Electric scooters that are designed primarily for city riding often feature a relatively small battery and a maximum range of 15-20 miles. However, for those looking to travel a little further, a bigger and more powerful Lithium-ion battery can achieve a much longer range. Take the Inokim OXO model once more, you can scoot up to 68 miles in one charge on this absolute beast!

Finally, there’s the design! What kind of a figure do you want to cut, weaving through the streets? Sleek, stylish and urban with a lightweight compact scooter, or super powerful, zooming over private land on a big off-road model? At Inokim, we produce beautiful, award-winning designs which are totally unique, thanks to the fact we manufacture all our components in-house.

Choosing Your Manufacturer

The market is full of competing manufacturers, many of whom boast cheap electric scooters which may be affordable but have limited durability. When shopping for eco-friendly transportation, you want to make sure the company has a reputation for long-lasting products with impeccable safety standards. A long lifespan and the ability to be easily repaired help to ensure your scooter is a green investment, reducing the amount of energy and resources used to manufacture replacement parts.

Inokim produces stunning electric scooters which prioritise a safe and seamless ride. We also sell authentic, Inokim-specific spare parts on our website and operate a workshop for repairing and refurbishing, making sure your scooter will last for years to come.

Now you have your checklist of what to look for, get browsing!

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