Inokim has you covered during shipping. With our Inokim Shipping Protection Service, you're protected against damage, missing parts, or theft on the way to delivery. If any of these situations occur and you've purchased the Inokim Shipping Protection Service, we'll send you a replacement free of charge. 

In the event of a valid claim, Inokim will dispatch a new item at no cost, covering both shipping and tax expenses. If the item is out of stock, a refund will be issued. 

Damaged Items: If you receive a product that was damaged during shipping, see below guidelines:

  • 1. Provide Evidence:
  • Send evidence for the damaged item (photos, videos, etc.).
  • Include a photo of the ODO reading with zero for the claim to be accepted.
  • If your Shipping Protection Claim is denied, you may still be eligible for your warranty.
  • 2. Claim Approval:
  • Once a claim is accepted, Inokim will provide a shipping label for the replacement scooter.
  • The replacement unit will be sent at no additional cost.
  • If items are out of stock, you can opt for a full refund or for any in-stock items.
  • 3. Definition of Damaged Item:
  • A damaged item is considered to be a broken product that is unusable, clearly fractured, shattered, bent (if not bendable), crushed, etc.

  • 4. Cosmetic Damage:
  • Inokim Shipping Protection does not cover cosmetic damage (scratches, damaged torn box, dents, etc.).
  • For cosmetic damage, contact and include photos of the claimed damage.
  • 5. Punctured Tire or Inner Tube:
  • If a scooter arrives with a punctured tire or inner tube, note that Inokim does not cover the replacement of the entire scooter. However, a free replacement part will be sent.
  • Lost Items: This information is relevant to packages that are presumed lost by the courier. If your order hasn't been delivered within 7 days of the estimated delivery date or if it stays in a label created status for more than 7 days, please follow the guidelines below:

    1. Address Not Found or Delivery Obstacles: .
    • If the address couldn't be found due to an invalid address or unexpected delivery barriers, the carrier might return the package to our fulfillment centers
    • Inokim will resend the package without additional shipping charges in this case.
  • 2. Partial Delivery:
        • If only part of the order is delivered, Inokim will cover the missing part.
  • 3. Delivered Packages:
      • If Inokim replaces or refunds an order, and the carrier subsequently delivers the original package, the customer is required to return either the second item received or the refund.

    Stolen Items: This category includes packages labeled as delivered by the carrier but not received by the customer, including those delivered to the wrong address by the courier and are unrecoverable. Please note the following:

  • 1. Correct Address Entry:
        • The address must be correctly inputted at the time of check-out. Incorrect address entries are not covered under this policy.
  • 2. Stolen Packages:
        • If your package is stolen, Inokim will send a replacement unit at no additional cost. If items are out of stock, you can opt for a full refund.
  • 3. Orders Over $100:
        • For orders exceeding $100, Inokim requires a police report. Report the theft, obtain the police report, crime reference number, and police station details. Submit these with your claim. Additional documentation may be requested if needed (e.g., proof of ID, address, notary, etc.).
  • 4. Stolen Orders Without Shipping Protection:
      • If your order is lost by the courier and you didn't purchase Inokim Shipping Protection, please contact UPS support. 

    Additional information

  • Incorrect Address Entry: If the customer provided an incorrect address during the order placement, Inokim does not assume responsibility for this error.
  • Estimated Delivery Date: Once an estimated delivery date is provided, it serves as the point at which the package is deemed "lost" plus an additional 48 hours. Moreover, if there is a recent shipping update at any given time, the minimum 7-day period for considering a package lost takes precedence over the 2-day minimum for estimated delivery.
  • Filing Time Frame: Inokim can action an order claim that is filed within the bounds of our timeline policy. If an order issue is filed outside of this timeline, Inokim will deny the order issue according to these policies:
        • Order issues for packages marked "delivered" yet not received must be made 5-10 days after the “delivery date” to ensure it was not mis-delivered or easily found around the premises and no more than 30 days after.
        • Order issues for packages presumed to be lost by the carrier (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed no sooner than 5 days after the scheduled delivery date and no more than 30 days.
        • Order issues for damaged packages can be filed immediately and must be filed within 3 days of the delivery date.
  • Closing a Claim:
        • If a customer does not respond within 5 days, Inokim will automatically close the claim. Customers can open the claim back up by emailing us.
  • Canceling Inokim Shipping Protection Service:
        • If a label was not already created.
  • Shipping Protection for Replacement Scooters:
      • Once your claim is approved and Inokim sends you a replacement scooter, your scooter will automatically be covered by Shipping Protection for the replacement shipment.

    Refused Shipments: 

    To be eligible for coverage under Shipping Protection for damaged items, it is imperative to accept the delivery. If you decline the delivery, and the package is returned to the sender, you will not qualify for coverage under Inokim Shipping Protection. Moreover, you will be responsible for the standard refund policy fees.

    Claims Process

  • Filing a Claim:
  •                        Click to the Claim page and fill out the details

    • Review:
          1. Your claim will undergo review within 3-4 business days, with an additional 3 business days if any supporting documents are required.
    • Approved Claims:
          1. When claims are approved, the standard procedure is to rearrange the item(s) unless they happen to be out of stock. In such cases, a refund will be provided instead.
    • Refunds:
          1. Once your claim is approved and a refund is processed, the credited amount will be returned to the credit card of the policyholder who placed the order. Please allow up to 10 days for the funds to be credited back to your account.
    • Re-Orders:
    • Upon acceptance of your claim and issuance of a re-order, you will be provided with a fresh order confirmation and a new tracking number. The standard shipping times will apply to the new order.