Get to Know Inokim: The Data and Numbers

Inokim's electric scooter is life-changing and the only way to gain true freedom in the city. With Inokim, you're getting much more than just an electric scooter - you're investing in avant-garde technology wrapped up into a sleek design. Here are all of the reasons why Inokim is the best choice for your commuting needs:


2009 was the birth year of Inokim, stemming from an award-winning industrial designer Nimrod Sapir. He designed the first motorized scooter with a cutting-edge folding mechanism. Since then, it has been sold worldwide with success.



This is the cost ratio between traveling in a private car and traveling on Inook's electric scooter. If you want to save 99% of your urban transportation costs, you are in the right place.


1 cent/km

Yes, this is the cost of the ride on Inokim's electric scooter -, no need for fuel - just get on it and go.


3 actions

With just three easy steps, your scooter will be securely folded into compact dimensions. You can then take it on the train or elevator without any problems - perfect for getting around town! There is no other electric scooter like this on the market today.


30 lb / 13 kg

The Light model of Inokim's electric scooter for adults only weighs 30 lb /13 kg, making it one of the lightest and most portable models on the market.


220 lb / 120 kg

With a strong electric motor, the Inokim scooter (Quick model) can carry a weight of 100 kg effortlessly and for a long time.


25 km/h / 15.5 MPH

Are you under the assumption that electric scooters are sluggish? You thought wrong... Inokim's speedy little number hits a max speed of 25-30 km/h - outrunning most electric bikes.


10 inches

Inokim's scooter has 10-inch wheels and pneumatic rubber tires - these tires are much safer than plastic tires (which most motorized scooters are equipped with). They provide a better level of grip especially on a wet or smooth road, and of course also a much higher level of safety.


15.5 - 68 miles / 25-110 km

The driving range of his scooter is 15.5 - 68 miles 25-110 km - more than enough for daily urban driving to work and back.


6- 13.5 hours

Are you back from work? Connect the scooter to a standard electrical outlet and the battery is fully charged.


95x36x25 cm / 37.4x14.1x9.8 in

These are the dimensions of an INOKIM electric scooter (Light model) when it is folded - even smaller than a trolley.



This is the code number of the type of aluminum from which Inokim's scooter is built - a durable, light, and extremely strong metal.