NYC Enforces UL Certification Requirement for All E-Mobility Devices

New York City recently took a crucial step towards safety by enacting a law that prohibits the sale of e-scooters, e-bikes, and similar devices without UL certification. This decision underscores the city's commitment to addressing the fire hazards associated with these products.

At Inokim, safety has always been our top priority, and we've been dedicated to it for more than a decade. We deeply understand how essential safety is for our users, and their well-being is at the core of everything we do.

All our models have already achieved a UL certification, ensuring outstanding quality and safety. These models are designed with dependable functionality, dual suspension for a smooth ride, and durable engineering for a secure and enjoyable experience.

The risks posed by lithium-ion batteries due to reckless manufacturing practices have been a concern in the micromobility industry. A UL certification ensures that our products have undergone rigorous assessments, guaranteeing the safety of batteries, electrical systems, and chargers.

Inokim wholeheartedly supports the efforts to regulate potentially dangerous e-mobility devices, with the ultimate goal of promoting eco-friendly transportation and community safety.

When you choose Inokim, you're choosing a form of transportation that is not only safe but also sustainable and reliable. Go Further with Inokim!