Inokim Launches New Flagship Store with ScootUp in Dubai!

Dubai welcomes Inokim's latest venture, ScootUp, a new flagship store for electric scooters!

ScootUp isn't merely a store - it's an all-encompassing adventure into the world of electric scooters, boasting an array of Inokim models that cater to every individual style and necessity.
Our adept team stands ready to guide you, ensuring that you snag the ideal electric scooter that perfectly aligns with your style and doesn't compromise on speed or performance. Our shop's layout ensures your shopping journey is smooth and enjoyable, free from any headaches.
ScootUp is stoked to have a top-tier repair center on deck. Our team of pros has the know-how to give your electric scooter all the care it needs, making sure it's always ready for top performance.
Visit us to test ride Inokim's premium electric scooters and feel the difference firsthand. Our shop also offers a unique space where you can inject your personality into your scooter, making it truly yours.
Hop on an Inokim electric scooter, and let's jazz up our travels while giving Mother Earth a helping hand. ScootUp's Dubai spot is the key to revolutionizing your daily rides or giving a bit more zing to those weekend jaunts. Swing by for an experience that's both distinctive and unforgettable!