Inokim Scooter Models- UL Certified

Ensuring the safety of our users is a top priority that we here at Inokim, have relentlessly pursued for over a decade. We fully understand the significance of safety and its profound impact on our users, and we are committed to maintaining their well-being at all times.

With our exceptional quality, sleek design, and reliability, Inokim has taken the next step in customer safety by acquiring UL Certification for our OX, OXO, and Quick4 models.

In addition to being UL certified, our models feature kick-to-start functionality, dual suspension, and exceptionally durable engineering to ensure the safest and most enjoyable ride possible. With the ability to tackle much more than just your last mile, you can trust our products to provide a top-notch experience.

Due to unchecked negligent practices of some e-mobility manufacturers, Lithium-ion batteries have long posed a danger to communities as reckless manufacturing has enabled faulty batteries to catch fire. Regrettably, this threat has caused property damage and, worse, injuries and deaths.

UL certification offers the most diligent vetting process to authenticate a lithium-ion battery. For e-scooters it assesses the electrical drive train, battery, and charger system combinations to help manufacturers meet the critical safety requirements outlined in ANSI/CAN/UL 2272- The Standard for Electrical Systems for Personal E-Mobility Devices (UL Solutions).

Inokim fully supports the efforts of both civilians and government agencies who are advocating for the regulation of dangerous e-mobility devices. These devices are currently causing harm to communities, rather than achieving the desired outcomes of promoting environmentally-friendly transportation, reducing congestion, and improving accessibility.

Inokim is committed not only to meeting industry safety standards, but also to driving innovation and promoting safety in order to set an example for the micro-mobility industry.

“Every day, more and more people are making the conscious decision to transition to more sustainable and more pragmatic forms of transportation. It is Inokim’s honor to spearhead the e-scooter sector of this industry, and it is our duty to do so with safety at the heart of every decision we make” explains CEO David Sahar.