The Amazing Story of Hand Solo - How David Aguilar Overcame Challenge with Inokim and Lego Pieces!

Meet David Aguilar aka "Hand Solo" that nothing stands in his way.

A birth condition called "Poland syndrome" prevented David's right arm from developing fully. 

David made for himself a new arm using only Lego pieces. This arm was built as a full prosthetic arm.


David is an inspiration for many. He talks at conferences about his invention and shows the results of his hard work. His story has been covered by multiple media outlets, including BBC News and the New York Times.


He also dreams big. At age 15, David set a goal for himself to study Aerospace Engineering at MIT, one of the top engineering schools in the world. After six years of hard work and dedication, he was accepted into MIT's prestigious program.


David is a shining example of what determination and creativity can achieve. He is an inspiration to us all, showing us that nothing is impossible if we truly believe. Thanks to his hard work and incredible invention, David Aguilar has become known as the "Hand Solo." His story will forever remind us that no challenge is too great for those who never give up.


Besides his engineering accomplishments, David is an avid electric scooter enthusiast and Inokim rider. He loves to take his Inokim out for a ride in order to explore new places and push himself to the limits. His love for Inokims has become evident in his story and serves as a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. With this in mind, Inokim stands proud with David Aguilar in reminding us all that no challenge is too great!


David is the true definition of ‚ÄúHand Solo‚ÄĚ ‚Äď never giving up and always finding ways around obstacles, no matter how big or small. We admire him for showing us that with dedication and hard work, anything is achievable.

He has even made it to the Guinness World Records in recognition of his engineering feat in building a robotic arm out of Legos. David Aguilar is an inspiration to all and his story will serve as a reminder that no challenge is too big if you never give up!

 We are proud to call him an Inokim rider and look forward to hearing more stories from him in the future. Let’s all take a page out of David’s book, never stop believing in ourselves, and remember that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Who knows, maybe we can make it in the Guinness World Record books too!


 There's no stopping Hand Solo - David Aguilar! We're excited to see what other amazing feats he will achieve in the future.